Our goal is to continue developments through food export we initiated as Plus Baklava by providing increase of product range day by day.

Plus Baklava that we export to domestic and abroad has become among the preferred brands in a short time. Plus Baklava which adopts presentation of top-quality and taste together as principle selects the products it will use meticulously and provides the best service to its consumers whom are all over the world.

While Plus Baklava, which introduces baklava to its consumer in feast of taste, ensures that the raw material is picked seasonably and carefully and it also shows ultimate attention to its storage freshly. Our brand that is aware of the fact that the taste is required with health provides sweetening with the help of natural sugar syrups and it doesn’t use any additives. Our baklavas which are prepared by master hands are prepared as so it will leave a delicious taste in the mouth as full of ingredients and they also appeal to the eye.

In our production factory with high-capacity, our products are prepared as frozen or cooked according to preference of our consumers whom are all over the world

PLUS baklava