Plus Kitchen takes place at a leading position among consultancy companies preferred in its sector by means of strong, different and innovative approach both locally and globally from the point of many fields such as architectural services within industrial kitchen sector, projecting and establishing kitchens and preparing menu.

Plus Kitchen enables the domestic and overseas companies which we present industrial kitchen consultancy to improve with rapid steps by virtue of our professional approach and experiences on the way which they set off with the aim of being a world-wide brand.

Plus Kitchen provides hundreds of industrial kitchen equipment and devices from preparing to cooking, serving to dishwashing units for a professional kitchen with its consultancy service, as well as rendering services from project to installation for many facilities such as hotel, hospital, factory kitchens, catering industry, patisserie groups, café, bar, restaurant and school etc. It aims to present pleasure to our customers as well as the professional works in the fields by directing them correctly and recommending alternative items while providing all products and accessories of auxiliary kitchen products.

Our target in the projects combining our copartners and our experiences is to maintain the satisfaction by utilizing brands presenting qualified and long-life equipment in their sectors.

Plus Kitchen proceeds the progresses with food exportation in addition to industrial kitchen consultancy services rendered. It plans continuing the new way of exportation of baklava and pastry under the title of Plusfood by expanding the range of products.

Plus Kitchen stands on together with specialist and creative project managers and technical staff under the principle of honesty and reliability while presenting services by means of innovative ideas internationally.